Ealing’s Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

Every Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) in England has a statutory responsibility to publish and keep up-to-date a statement of the needs in their local authority area for pharmaceutical services. This statement is called a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment or PNA.

PNAs are used by the NHS to decide which health services are commissioned, or available through local community pharmacies. These services are part of local health care and public health programmes and are funded through NHS budgets.

PNAs are also used to decide if new pharmacies are needed, especially when reviewing new applications to open them by local, independent owners and large pharmacy companies.

The current PNA was approved in March 2018. This assessment reports that there is a good provision of pharmacies in the borough and that local communities have good access to their services.

What should a PNA include?

  • A map of area pharmacies and the services they already provide
  • It should look at other services, such as dispensing by GP surgeries, and services available in neighbouring areas that might affect the need for services in its own area
  • The current and future needs of the local population and whether there are gaps in health services that could be met by current, or through opening more pharmacies
  • Relevant maps relating to the area and its pharmacies and be strategically aligned with our local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).