Flood risk management


Ealing Council is a lead local flood authority under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.  This means that we are responsible for co-ordinating the management of flood risk from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourse sources.

The aim of the act is to make it clearer on different types of flooding and empower the council to take action to reduce the risk of flooding through the use of several powers and duties.  We are working closely with those external flood risk authorities, such as the Environment Agency and Thames Water to manage the risk of flooding. 

In addition you can help us to reduce the risk of flooding by reporting instances of flooding and drainage issues to the council.  To report such issues please email floodrisk@ealing.gov.uk

Whilst we can look to reduce the risk of flooding where possible and work with residents and communities, we are not responsible for preventing flooding to private property. 

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

The local flood risk management strategy sets out how flood risk is managed across the borough.  It considers the risk of flooding from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses.

The strategy includes:

  • the risk management authorities within the boundaries of the borough of Ealing and the management functions each authority has
  • the proposed objectives and associated actions for managing local flood risk, along with how and when they are expected to be achieved. Where possible it also needs to detail how each action will be paid for along with the estimated costs and benefits
  • an assessment of local flood risk
  • an indication of how and when the strategy is to be reviewed
  • how the wider environment will benefit by achieving the objectives set out in the strategy

View the local flood risk management strategy and its associated documents.

For more information on flood risk management within the borough, including requesting an ordinary watercourse consent application form (to do works which may have an effect on the flow of a small stream or brook) and guidance, please email floodrisk@ealing.gov.uk