Greenford to Gurnell greenway consultation

This consultation will be open until 15 November 2019.

The consultation

Ealing Council and Thames 21 have secured £375,000 of funding from the Mayor of London which will be matched by the council to transform underused and disconnected green space along the River Brent into a beautiful and ecologically valuable riverside and parkland greenway.

This project aims to improve the land between Greenford Town Centre and Gurnell Leisure Centre, opening up routes and views along the riverside to make the area more attractive and safer. Reed beds, wetlands, meadows, woodland and orchards will be created to help boost nature. We especially want to open up the river for people to enjoy, as currently it's hidden behind dense vegetation. Residents will also be able to and enjoy the greenway and nature trails and a forest school site will also be created. As it's a big area and, as there is a lot of work to do, we have had to start on some elements of work but the majority of the work will happen during 2019/2020 with completion by March 2021.

Your views

We are seeking the views of residents on the existing proposals for the area.  Please complete a short survey to submit your thoughts on the proposals and your ideas for the site, as we may be able to incorporate them as part of this project or in the future. It's also useful for us to know how the area is used by residents so we can adjust the proposed design if necessary.

This consultation will be open until 15 November 2019.

What happens next?

The initial results of the consultation will be published around eight weeks after the consultation starts, and will be updated when the consultation ends in November 2019.

Further information

A facebook page has been set up with details about the project.

If you need any other information about this consultation, or do not have access to the internet and would like to request a paper questionnaire, please contact:

Richard Strange (senior project officer - landscape architect)
Telephone: (020) 8825 6367