Ealing's budget challenge

Since 2010, Ealing’s government grant has been cut by 64%. This means for every £1 we used to receive, we now get just 36p.

Cuts to our government grant means less money to run local services, such as libraries and youth clubs. Less money to maintain our roads and parks. And less money to protect vulnerable adults and children who turn to us for help at times of crisis.

At the same time, Ealing’s population is ageing and costs are increasing. Many of our services, especially social care for adults and children, and our homeless service are under more pressure than ever before. We also want to keep delivering the services that residents rely on and ensure that our limited resources are used where they are needed most.

It’s getting harder than ever to balance our budget and all local authorities are facing the same issues. Even with all of the advantages we have, such as Crossrail, we are facing a budget shortfall.

Watch our video on how the cuts are effecting our services and how we are responding.