Future Ealing

Get involved

One of the ways that we are working to achieve better outcomes for local people is to increase community involvement. There are lots of ways that you can do your bit to help make Ealing a better place to live.

Why should you get involved? It’s good for you.

Studies suggest that being more active, getting involved in your local area and coming together with like-minded people can lead to more positive health and improved emotional wellbeing. There are many local groups that do amazing work in the community in Ealing, whether it is befriending older people, helping children to get into sports, helping to feed vulnerable families or taking part in community clean ups. See which groups are actively appealing for help by going to Do Something Good or to Do-It. 

You can also follow Do Something Good on Facebook

Read about how local group, LAGER CAN, is helping to keep Ealing's green spaces clean and how you can take part.