Future Ealing

Focused on results

Future Ealing’s goal is to make the borough a better place to live at a time of drastically reduced budgets. We are doing this by refocusing on what really matters to local people. We have nine outcomes that the whole council is working together to achieve:

  • A strong, diverse and fair community
  • An environmentally friendly borough
  • Keeping young people safe
  • A growing economy, creating jobs and opportunities
  • Helping residents to stay active, healthy and independent
  • More affordable housing
  • Helping young people to achieve their potential
  • A clean and great place to live
  • Reducing crime and helping residents to feel safe

To get better results with less money, we are changing the way that we work; operating in a smarter, efficient and more flexible way that makes the best use of technology. To aid this transformation we will:

  • Focus on preventing problems before they happen
  • Be as efficient, innovative and collaborative as we can be
  • Increase community involvement
  • Make better use of digital technology 
  • Grow our income
  • Work together with our local partners as one public sector.