Future Ealing

Our budget challenge

Future Ealing is about investing in services that really matter and making life better for residents, despite a decade of cuts to the borough’s government grant. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, our Future Ealing plan was starting to work.

Unfortunately, the impact of COVID-19, on top of a two-thirds cut to our government grant is now translating into major budget pressures. This year’s budget gap totals £28million; one of the biggest we have ever had to face and more than our yearly total spend on recycling and rubbish collection, keeping streets clean, maintaining parks, libraries, leisure and community centres, housing homeless familis and maintaining roads and pavements.

At the same time, COVID-19 has hit west London hard, because so many of our residents either work at Heathrow, or work for businesses that supply Heathrow. We are fighting for our local economy and are working with other west London boroughs on a build and recovery strategy, but it will take time.