Future Ealing

Future Ealing is our response to cuts in our government grant and rising demand for services. It aims to transform our council services, making life better for local people in the face of its reduced funding.

Like most local authorities, Ealing is adjusting to a decade of cuts to its government grant. Over the last 10 years, we have had a 64% cut in core government funding meaning for every £1 we used to receive, we now get just 36p. This amounts to a total loss of £143million.

What residents want and expect from us is also changing; with new social, environmental and economic priorities on the agenda for many, as well as rising demand for our childrens and adults' and homeless services.

Future Ealing is focused on helping residents to live better, more independent lives, preventing problems from happening as early as possible, helping residents to do more in their local areas, and becoming a more efficient and effective organisation. And before COVID-19, this was starting to work. By working in a different way, we were closing our budget gap and transforming the way that we delivered local services to secure their future sustainability and make Ealing a better place to live and work.