Review of our statement of gambling policy - consultation

Review of Ealing Council’s policy statement

The current policy was last formally reviewed in 2020 and now requires updating.

The regular review and adoption of the statement of gambling policy ensures that the licensing framework is up to date and effective in establishing a safe and regulated environment for users of licensed premises.

Whilst our policy remains mostly the same as in 2020, the policy includes minor amendments and has been re-written to present it in a clearer format.

As part of the review process we have consulted with various groups and organisations. The consultation was carried out between 14 November and 26 December 2022.

Summary of responses to the proposed statement on gambling licensing principles consultation.


This policy will be considered at a meeting of the full council before 27 July 2023 and will be published on our website following approval. Copies will be available at public libraries in the area as well as at the council’s offices at Perceval House.