Licensing policies in Ealing

Operating schedule guidance

The operating schedule will contain information such as the business's opening hours, entertainment provision and anything else that will impact upon the health and safety of its patrons or immediate environment in relation to the Four Licensing Objectives. The objectives are:

A        The prevention of crime and disorder
B        The promotion of public safety
C        The prevention of nuisance
D        The protection of children from harm

Licence applicants must be able to demonstrate how they intend to achieve and promote the licensing objectives via their operating schedules.

It is important to be aware of risk assessment when writing the operating schedule.

The points below will help you to complete the operating schedule of your licence application.

A   Crime and disorder

Door supervisors 

  • Do you employ door security?
  • Are they registered with Security Industries Authority?
  • What days and times are they on duty?
  • Male and female?
  • Are they visible and recognisable by the public?
  • Do you have an effective search policy?
  • Are they aware of the maximum capacity?
  • How do you ensure this number is not exceeded?
  • Are regular reviews and meetings held?

Bottles and glasses

  • Is toughened glass and plastic used?
  • Do you ensure sufficient glass collection at all times?
  • What policy is in place to prevent glass and bottles leaving the premises?

Drink and drugs

  • Do you actively promote Responsible Drinking policies, giving careful consideration to happy hours and drink promotions, which may encourage binge drinking?
  • What measures do you take to ensure the safety of customers in respect of drunkenness?
  • Do you display anti-drug signs?
  • What policies do you have in place with regard to drugs?


  • Do you have CCTV system?
  • Does it record images/sound?
  • What is the period of time recordings are kept for?
  • Do you have a procedure in place should the CCTV fail


  • Are they connected to CCTV, Police or other Licensed premises?
  • Is a log kept of usage?
  • Do you have reporting procedures for incidents?

Crime prevention

  • Do you actively promote the reduction of theft from your premises?


  • Are you a member of a local pubwatch scheme?
  • How often do you attend the meetings?
  • What initiatives are you currently involved with?
  • What food is provided and when?
  • Are there restrictions on entry for those under 18 years?
  • Are you a member of a Trade Association? 

B          Public safety


  • Condition of Fire Exits and Exit Routes
  • Condition of Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Resistance of fixtures and fittings
  • Do you have Fire procedures in place?
  • Do you have Fire notices?
  • Test logs for Fire Drills, Alarms and Emergency Lighting
  • What arrangements are there for disabled persons?


  • give an indicator of the safe capacity for the premises and how the figure(s) were derived

First Aid

  • What arrangements are there for First Aid equipment and First Aiders?
  • What training of First Aiders is there to deal with drug and alcohol related problems?
  • Do you have First Aid facilities?


  • Adequacy of daylight or artificial light?
  • Emergency lighting back up supply?
  • What arrangements are there for testing emergency lighting?

Safety certificates

  • for electrical installations
  • for periodic electrical inspections
  • for gas boilers etc
  • for oiled fire boilers etc
  • for suspended ceilings
  • for fire alarms
  • for portable fire fighting equipment
  • for temporary installations


  • for employers liability
  • for public liability

Special effects

Any proposals to use:

  • dry ice, smoke, fog, pyrotechnics, lasers, vehicles, explosives, real flame etc 

If so what safety precautions are in place?


  • Availability of free drinking water?
  • Availability of chill out areas?
  • Personal safety notices displayed?
  • Public transport information?
  • Smoke-free areas of the premises?
  • Seating – fixed or moveable?
  • Arrangements for deploying public?

C           Prevention of nuisance

  • What controls are taken to prevent nuisance noise to neighbours?
  • Do you display notices to patrons about consideration to neighbours i.e. noise?
  • What consideration is given to neighbours in relation to deliveries?
  • Are there any open air spaces where noise will be generated and what measures will be put in place to control this?
  • Do you use any method for changing the atmosphere of the premises at the last hour of opening i.e. increase in lighting, reduction of music levels?
  • What controls are used to prevent or contain unpleasant odours from your premises?
  • Do you use time switches on your external lighting?

D            Protection of children from harm

  • Do you permit under 18s to the premises, and what policies are in place to manage this?
  • What proof of age is accepted?
  • Are cigarette sales in areas where children have access?
  • Do you provide any entertainment or play areas for children and how are these monitored?
  • Are frontline sales staff trained and monitored concerning Underage Sales?
  • Are an adequate number of supervisors being employed to safeguard the well-being of children on site?

This is only an indication of ways of addressing the four licensing objectives in your operating schedule.  More information can be found in the appendices to the Council's Licensing Policy and in the Government's Guidance under section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003. The guidance is available in the alcohol and entertainments section of the department for sport, media and culture website.  

Finally it is important that your operating schedule correctly reflects the actual operation of your business, as the schedule's statements are in effect conditions of the licence, and will need to be complied with when the premises are in use.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your application, please contact the licensing team.