COVID-19 business rates and grants

Frequently asked questions

My business is classified as retail, leisure or in the hospitality sector (including pubs) will I need to apply for the 100% rate relief for 2020/2021?

No, the council will aim to automatically identify those businesses within the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors and issue your business rates bill as soon as we are able to.

If you believe that your business should qualify but you do not receive a bill with the relief you should contact the business rates team at or telephone 020 8825 7020.

If your application does not fulfil the eligibility criteria you will have to pay the amount stated in your existing business rates bill for 2020/21.

A new bill will be issued for 2021/2022. This will automatically show identified reliefs where eligible.

I have made an application for a grant for the period 5 November 2020 to 2 December 2020. Do I need to additionally apply for a grant for the Tier restriction periods 1 to 4.

No, the council will make Tier awards based on the application. The council will need to calculate the amounts of grants dependant on period and eligibility. e.g. Tier 2 grants will only be awarded to businesses in the sectors of hospitality, hotels (including B&B) and leisure

To check eligibility for grants for when your business is closed or has restrictions see the government website information on financial support for businesses during coronavirus.

My business is a Wet-Led pub do I need to apply for a grant

No, the council will aim to identify those pubs which predominantly serve alcohol rather than provide food.

Do I need to make an application for a grant for the lockdown commencing 4 January 2021

No, the council will aim to identify those businesses which are eligible for the grant.

If you wish to clarify if your business is due a grant then contact or telephone 020 8825 7020.

When will I hear if I am entitled to an Additional Restrictions Grant

The council will soon be finalising the details for these discretionary grant schemes and award payments at the earliest opportunity. These grants will look to support a wide range of business sectors including those with fixed-costs but they cannot be used as a wage supplement.

I don’t receive small business rates relief is this automatically applied if I am eligible?

If you have not previously received small business rates relief you do have to apply for this. To be eligible you must have a rateable value of less than £15,000 and occupy one property (in some cases businesses can occupy more than one).

My business is not eligible for any of the new enhanced rate reliefs will my business rates bill be reissued anyway?

No, your bill will remain the same and you must pay in the timeline already set out in your existing 2020/21 business rates bill.

State aid and subsidy information

The reliefs will not constitute state aid or subsidy.

The grant payments however will constitute state aid or subsidy. If receipt of the grant would mean that your business has benefited by more than the permitted amount then you will need to advise the council so that the grant(s) can be returned.

Read the guidance on state aid and subsidy

Further information

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