Future Ealing

Ealing Council is changing. In 2017 the council’s cabinet agreed a fresh direction for the council with a renewed focus on improving the lives of local people at a time of reduced funding. 

Ongoing severe austerity cuts mean that the council will have 64% less government funding by 2021 than it did at the start of the decade - deeper than the London or UK average. At the same time, our population is aging and costs are increasing. This means the council’s adult social care and children’s services are under more pressure than ever before. We also want to carry on improving how we deliver all the services that people expect from their local council, like recycling as much as we can and helping our local economy to grow.

We are working together to transform the way that the council pays for and delivers local services so we can secure their future sustainability and make Ealing a better place to live. We are calling this Future Ealing. 

This autumn, we are visiting ward forums across the borough to share our progress and ideas. Go to our Talk Future Ealing page to find out more.