High schools - Greenford High School

Record details

Name Greenford High School
School type Foundation, mixed school for 11 to 19 year olds.
Headteacher Ms Mia Pye
Address Lady Margaret Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 2GU
Telephone 020 8578 9152
Email office@greenford.ealing.sch.uk
Website http://www.greenford.ealing.sch.uk
Map http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=513223&y=182703&z=0&sv=UB6+9RX&st=2&pc=UB6+9RX&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf
DfE number 307/5401
ARP or special unit for pupils with: Speech, language and communication difficulties including autism; age range 11-16; 20 pupils
Planned admission limit for year 7 240
Admissions policies http://www.ealing.gov.uk/downloads/download/1669/greenford_high_school_admissions_policies
Performance http://www.education.gov.uk/cgi-bin/schools/performance/group.pl?qtype=LA&no=307&superview=sec
Performance post-16 http://www.education.gov.uk/cgi-bin/schools/performance/group.pl?qtype=LA&no=307&superview=sec
School Ofsted report http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/101940/%28type%29/8192/%28typename%29/Secondary%20education
High school prospectus https://www.ealing.gov.uk/downloads/download/899/ealing_school_prospectuses
Uniform White shirt or blouse, black trousers or skirt, black sweater, black blazer, school tie.
Gym kit: black shorts, white t-shirt and emerald sweatshirt.
Travel Bus: 282, E6, E7, E9, 95, 120 and 105.
The school is located on the Southall/Greenford border, with entrances on Ruislip Rd and Lady Margaret Rd.