Consultation on a borough wide Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

The consultation will be open from 15 April to 9 June 2019.

The consultation

Ealing Council’s safer communities team is consulting on the enforcement of a borough wide Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to reduce anti-social behaviour.

There are several PSPOs already in operation in different parts of the borough, including Southall town centre and West Ealing town centre. Following evidence gathering and listening to the concerns of people and businesses, Ealing Council’s safer communities team is proposing to introduce a new PSPO to reduce anti-social behaviour in public spaces such as town centres, parks and housing estates across the whole borough.

A PSPO identifies specific unreasonable and persistent behaviours that are having a detrimental effect on people in public spaces and gives the police and council partners an additional tool to tackle these, alongside the existing powers and ongoing partnership work. It forms part of a broader strategy to increase awareness and address these local issues.

Your views

We are seeking the views of those who live in, work in or visit the London Borough of Ealing about local issues, and whether you support the introduction of additional enforcement powers under a PSPO to tackle these. Your knowledge will be essential for us to understand whether the proposals in this consultation will adequately address local issues and will directly inform our decision making at this formative stage.

Please read the full consultation document and draft order before completing a short survey to have your say.

The consultation will be open from 15 April to 9 June 2019.

What happens next? 

In addition to the survey, the council is consulting with a range of statutory and non-statutory partners, including Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service, local businesses, homelessness groups, drug and alcohol treatment services and a range of voluntary services. The council will consider all of the feedback from the survey and wider consultation and make a published recommendation on whether to introduce a borough wide PSPO and in what form.  The final decision will be made by Ealing’s Cabinet members in summer 2019.

Further information

For any further information about the PSPO please contact