Additional restrictions grants

The additional restrictions grant (ARG) fund is a one-off discretionary fund from the government that is aimed at a range of business sectors and must be distributed by 31 March 2022. Ealing Council has been allocated nearly £10million to distribute to businesses. To ensure a large range of Ealing businesses are able to benefit from the grant funding, the council has created six different schemes to reflect the complex and varied nature of Ealing’s economy.

The applications for the aviation sector grant, cultural sector grant and COVID hardship grant are now closed.

Aviation sector grant  

Ealing’s local economy is significantly reliant on Heathrow airport and vast network of business that support its operation and service its wider activity, either directly or indirectly. This scheme is therefore open to businesses across all business sectors including home-based businesses, self-employed individuals, sole traders, freelancers and limited company directors. Hundreds of Ealing businesses of rely on the success of the aviation economy and are now suffering income or turnover loss as result of the inactivity at the airport and its supply chain network that stretches across the borough. Many of these businesses did not qualify for previous government grants and are encouraged to apply for this grant.

Recipients of previous grants can apply. However, in the event of an oversubscription, businesses that have received no support to date will be prioritised.

Below of just a few examples of businesses that we would expect to apply to this scheme: 

  • Laundrettes who relied on income from servicing the hotels and the business travellers and could not qualify for previous grants
  • Taxis, private hire, chauffeurs and car rentals who rely on the airport and the guest accommodation across the borough
  • Event equipment hire and event production for a range of clients including hotels, corporate and leisure
  • Food caterers for corporate, leisure or hospitality events 
  • Tourism and travel agent operators
  • Suppliers to retail, wholesalers and/or leisure businesses 
  • Couriers transporting goods to and from airport and larger businesses generally.

Cultural sector grant  

The creative and digital industries, the arts and culture are vital to our local economy, diverse communities and workforce. Recognising the sector’s unique contribution to society this scheme is open to cultural organisations and individual creatives who work in the creative and digital industries, the arts and businesses who contribute to the borough’s cultural economy.

Recipients of previous grants can apply. However, in the event of oversubscription, applicants that have received no support to date will be prioritised.

Whilst the grant will help cover turnover loss, the following applicants may be prioritised:

  • Those who already benefit Ealing’s rich cultural diversity
  • Those who will use the grant as match funding for other grant applications
  • Those who will contribute to our economic recovery and renewal plans.

Applicant example: A freelance lighting engineer. Recreation and cultural events have been cancelled or postponed resulting in no work for many homebased businesses, self-employed individuals and freelancers who directly serviced multiple events.  These businesses or individuals should apply for this grant.

COVID hardship grant  

This grant will initially be targeted at businesses who have suffered financial hardship as a result of the COVID pandemic. Hardship fund applications must meet all of the criteria below. The business must: 

  • Have ongoing, fixed building / trading premises related costs (not open to home based businesses, self-employed individuals, freelancers or limited company directors)
  • Have been trading on 5 November 2020
  • Be able to demonstrate that it has suffered a significant fall in income due to the COVID-19 epidemic
  • Be registered in and have a principal trading address within in Ealing  
  • Not be in receipt of one of the recent government grants below:  
    • Tier 2 or Tier 3 business grant - local restrictions support grant (open)  
    • 2nd or 3rd national lockdown grant or Tier 4 grant - local restrictions support grant (closed) addendum.

Nursery support  

Nursery providers provide a vital service to ensure children receive appropriate care allowing parents to continue working and help maintain the borough’s local economy. The additional measures that nursery providers have had to put in place will be recognised in a grant payment to registered providers. Applications will not be required as we already have the information and will make payments to qualifying businesses in March 2021.

Business pioneers grant  

This is a £1million scheme designed to support innovation in products and services. The grant will be available to Ealing’s entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses and can be used for testing, prototyping innovations, supporting adaptations and diversifications of products or services. With this grant, we encourage collaborations between businesses of all sizes, private investors, and academic institutions to co-develop, co-test and co-fund ideas and to launch new products and processes to stimulate the local economy. The scheme is being co-designed with partner organisations and will launch in summer 2021.

Business support allocation  

The council in consultation with the local business community, support agencies and specialist providers will be delivering a series of support packages, responding to business needs and priorities as they adapt to an evolving economy. Some of this support is already outlined in the council’s Greenprint for economic recovery and renewal and the High Streets Taskforce Action Plan for High Streets.

Starting this spring, businesses in Ealing will receive advice and training in areas such as finance, winning contracts, marketing and food hygiene to strengthen and grow their business. Expert support will be delivered using a range of methods, such as webinars, one-to-one coaching and business to business engagement reflecting Ealing’s diverse business and sector needs. Further information and how to book will be provided in this section. You can also sign up to the council's business email updates.