Additional restrictions grants

The additional restrictions grant (ARG) fund is a one-off discretionary fund from the government, aimed at a range of business sectors, and must be distributed by 31 March 2022. Ealing Council has already distributed several grants to businesses.

Business pioneers fund  

This is a £1million scheme designed to support innovation in products and services. The fund provides grants to Ealing’s entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses and can be used for testing, prototyping innovations, supporting adaptations and diversifications of products or services. With this grant, we encourage collaborations between businesses of all sizes, private investors, and academic institutions to co-develop, co-test and co-fund ideas and to launch new products and processes to stimulate the local economy. Read more about the business pioneers grant and apply.

Business support allocation  

The council is now delivering a range of free business support programmes to small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed, sole traders, co-operatives and social enterprises in Ealing. Designed to help businesses survive and thrive, it includes one-to-one support, diagnostics and advice sessions, series of webinars on a wide range of topics, peer-to-peer learning groups and networking sessions with other local businesses. Receive advice and training in areas such as finance, winning contracts and marketing to strengthen and grow your business.

Keep up-to-date

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