Permitted development

Proposed use or development

Planning permission is not required for particular building works or uses of land/buildings because the development is lawful. A development order is a legal provision which grants planning permission automatically for certain types of buildings or changes of use.

The council can issue a certificate if:

  • a new use is not a 'material' change because it falls within the same use class as the existing or previous use
  • a new use is 'permitted development' because it meets the terms of a development order or previous use
  • new building works are not a 'material' alteration to the building (affecting its appearance)
  • new building works are 'permitted development' which comply with a development order
  • there are other grounds which are valid in planning law.

To apply for a certificate for proposed use or development you will need to submit an application, pay a fee and provide drawings and a location plan. Please submit via the planning portal

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