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Council services

We have used the standard method of categorising information about local authority services on our site, which allows you to navigate to pages on all the services we provide via multiple routes. For example 'parking' can be found under Environment and under Transport and streets.

  • Advice and benefits – Information on applying for benefits and grants and general community advice.
  • Business – If you are a local business you can find information here to help and support you, including business rates and licensing. Plus trading standards information for consumers.
  • Children and young people - Services and activities for children and young people including schools, childcare, adoption and fostering, registering a birth and leisure activities.
  • Community – For information on community grants, advice agencies, policing and public safety and local health services.
  • Council and democracy – Information on Ealing Council, councillors, committees. Includes agendas and minutes for all meetings. You can also find information on your council tax here.
  • Education - Information on education services and schools within Ealing borough.
  • Environment – Information about planning, recycling, parking, transport and streets.
  • Housing - Advice on council housing, housing schemes, housing benefit and useful information for private tenants.
  • Leisure and culture – Information on leisure activities, sport centres, museums, libraries, parks and open spaces.
  • Regeneration - Information on town centre and area regeneration, employment and skills, housing regeneration, major development sites, planning obligations. 
  • Social care – Details on service we offer to support the vulnerable in the community.
  • Transport and streets - Information about road and pavement maintenance, transportation, road safety, street care and cleaning in the borough.

Other ways to get around

As you navigate around the site you will create a breadcrumb trail.  This will detail where you are and how you have got there. You can use the breadcrumb to travel back through the navigation by clicking on the links. It will always start with Home which will take you back to the homepage.

e.g. Home  >  Education > Schools > High schools > Acton High School

Ealing Council’s logo
Our logo displays in the top left hand corner of every page. You can click on the logo at any time to take you back to our homepage.

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