Travel green

The car has changed the way we travel and given us independence and access to new places and opportunities. However there are different ways you can travel in and around the borough by walking, cycling or using public transport. So before you grab the car keys look at the options available and choose a greener way to travel.

Travel Green magazine

The Travel Green magazine gives you the latest information and news on greener travel in the borough, including events.

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Events and activities

Travel green events happening around the borough:

  • Dr Bike - Hanwell Clock Tower (1st Saturday of the Month)
  • Dr Bike - Acton Market (2nd Saturday of the Month)
  • Dr Bike -  Melbourne Avenue, West Ealing Library (3rd Sat of the Month)
  • Dr Bike - Southall Park (4th Saturday of the Month)
  • Dr Bike - Haven Green, Ealing Broadway Cycle Hub (Last Thursday of the Month)
  • Dr Bike – Greenford Town Centre (5th Saturday of the Month)

Car clubs

Get access to a car when you need one, but without the hassle and cost of owning one.


Healthy, affordable and ‘green’.  Find out about all the support available to help you get started.

Road safety

Safer travel initiatives in Ealing.

Travel plans (business)

Find out how implementing a travel plan can bring benefits to businesses in West London.


Free, easy and healthy.  Find out about historic walks, walking clubs, and a great tool to help plan your quickest and greenest walking routes.

Your journey

Tips and advice on making your journeys green.