Ealing is a thriving residential and business area.  Parking controls are essential for maintaining traffic flow.  Without parking management, our roads would quickly grind to a halt and be unsafe for pedestrians and other vehicles.

Parking services is responsible for the enforcement of parking and traffic restrictions throughout the borough. We manage 16 car parks and issue parking permits and visitor vouchers.

Controlled parking zones

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) that are normally operational on a Sunday will be operational on Easter Sunday as it is not a bank holiday

All resident parking bays within CPZs are not enforced on Good Friday (18 April) or Easter Monday (21 April) as they are bank holidays.

All council-run car parks in the borough are free of charge on both bank holidays.

Price increases

The following prices will increase from 1 April 2014:

  • Springbridge car park season permits price will increase from £650 to £700
  • Parking suspensions will increase from £17 per bay per day to £20 per bay per day