Villa Savoye, Poissy

PM Gallery, in the 1940s extension to Pitzhanger Manor House, hosts a year round programme of contemporary art and design exhibitions from established national and international artists and curators.

Current exhibition

Living Laboratory: Richard Pare on Le Corbusier & Konstantin Melnikov

21 March – 11 May

This Spring, the buildings of two of the most influential modernist architects – Le Corbusier and Konstantin Melnikov – are examined in a show devoted to the work of British photographer Richard Pare.
Living Laboratory illustrates how Richard Pare photographs buildings, revealing their many subtleties and also setting forth their magnificent monumentality. His acute perceptions of the subjects he chooses pay attention to the subtle and dramatic effects of light, as well as the effects of widely varied weather conditions and the cycle of the seasons. Although frequently unpopulated and yet with a sense of presence indicated by the lingering evidence of past eras, the photographs discreetly emphasise the impermanence of seemingly solid structures and their struggle for survival.

A prolific creator over six decades, Le Corbusier (1887-1965) revolutionised the ways in which we inhabit space, reinventing the idea of the house, designing radical furniture and proposing many vast urban planning schemes. His implementation of his celebrated ‘five points of architecture’, including open-plan spaces freed from the requirements of supporting walls, horizontal ribbon windows and light-filled interiors, created iconic and immediately recognisable buildings. Amongst Pare’s work are some of Le Corbusier’s most famous buildings such as Villa Savoye near Paris and the Capitol Complex in Chandigarh, India. Pare’s high regard for both the poetics and the rigorous discipline of Le Corbusier’s architecture has resulted in a new and vital view of well-known buildings.

Konstantin Melnikov (1890-1974) was one of the leading Russian modernist architects whose radical work emerged during a period of little more than a decade when architects were endeavouring to establish a new architecture for a new age. Even today Melnikov’s buildings remain startlingly innovative, revealing a courageous individualism that was at the root of his genius and was also to bring about his downfall. His work in this exhibition includes perhaps his most significant building, the house he built for his family which also served as an experimental studio and a personal investigation into the idea of the house.
While his work covers many subjects, Living Laboratory reveals Pare’s particular admiration for Le Corbusier and Melnikov; his fascination with modernist architecture shines through this selection, drawn from his vast collection of images taken over several decades.

Exhibition tour
Saturday 26 April, 2pm
Please join us for an informal tour of the exhibition with photographer Richard Pare.
Free – just turn up

(Image: Richard Pare, Villa Savoye, Poissy, 2012)

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