Local Strategic Partnership

Health and Well-Being Board

The Health and Well Being Board (HWBB) is one of seven ‘Thematic Partnership Boards’ within Partnership for Ealing, and acts as the high-level strategic partnership for improving health and well-being in the borough of Ealing.

Health and Well-Being Board structure chart

Its key goal is:
Reducing health inequalities and promoting well-being and independence for adults and older people in Ealing.

It is chaired by Councillor Mark Reen, Cabinet Member for Adults Services and Health.  There are representatives from all key stakeholders, including:

  • community and voluntary groups
  • health services
  • elected members.

The purpose of the board is to:

  • establish strategic priorities for health and well-being in Ealing
  • guide, support and challenge the Operational Delivery Partnerships (3rd tier) to deliver agreed priorities
  • drive service improvements to reduce health inequalities across the borough

Priorities of the HWBB are guided by the:

Ealing Executive Group (EEG)
The Ealing Executive Group is the executive arm of the Health and Well-Being Board.  It is responsible for supplying executive advice and support, and ensuring that the board’s strategic priorities are translated into action within the partner organisations. 

Health and Well-Being Operational Delivery Partnership Boards (3rd tier)
The Health and Well-Being Board is supported by '3rd tier' networks made up of partners who are involved in the direct delivery of services to local residents.At present the Health and Well-Being Board has nine Operational Delivery Partnership Boards.

These are: