Ealing Borough Climate Change Strategy 2008-2011

This is Ealing’s first borough-wide Climate Change Strategy.  It has been developed by the Environment and Climate Change Board and demonstrates the Local Strategic Partnership’s commitment to reducing the borough’s contribution to climate change over the three-year period 2008-2011.

In addition to environmental consequences, there are also economic, social and health consequences to climate change; and meeting these challenges requires a coordinated approach involving many individuals, groups and institutions.  This strategy co-ordinates a range of priorities that sets out how we plan to work in partnership to reduce the borough’s carbon dioxide emissions. 

The overarching aim of the strategy is to reduce Ealing’s contribution to climate change by reducing per capita carbon dioxide emissions in the borough by 10% by 2010/11 from a 2005 baseline.

Ealing Borough Climate Change Strategy 2008-2011 (pdf)