In-year primary school admissions

Information on how to apply for an in-year primary school place immediately for the school year 2013-14.

If your child was born between 1 September 2001 and 31 August 2008, check the latest primary school vacancies to find which schools have places available.

Check the catchment/priority area for your home address.

Please read the primary schools 2013 brochure and pay careful attention to the admission criteria.

For more information on primary school in-year admissions, read the primary schools in-year admissions information leaflet. Also our in-year admissions arrangements will provide you with more information on the process.

Apply online for a 2013-14 in-year primary school place

In order to complete an application to a voluntary-aided (faith) school you must complete the school's supplementary information form (SIF) for 2013-14 and return this direct to the school:

You will receive a decision letter during term time from the in-year admissions team, giving you the outcome of your application. The letter will also inform you of your right to appeal and that you can request to go on the waiting list for schools where it has not been possible to meet your higher preference(s).

Children of year 6 age
If your child is born between 1 September 2002 and 31 August 2003 your child will be in year 6 in September 2013 and should start at high school in September 2014.

You therefore need to make two applications. As well as applying for an in-year primary school place now (year 2013-14), you also need to make an application for a high school place before 31 October 2013. For more information please go the high school admissions page.