Refuse collection

Wheelie bins

Some areas of Southall have chosen to have a wheelie bin to store their rubbish following the 'how to bin it' refuse and recycling consultation in 2007.

Some homes won’t be able to use a wheelie bin, eg flats or terraced homes that open directly onto the street.  People living in these types of property will still have a black sack collection service.

The areas who use wheelie bins include:
  • all of Southall Green and Southall Broadway wards
  • in Lady Margaret ward homes west of and including Allenby Road – as well as the stretch of Allenby Road over the ward boundary in Greenford Broadway
  • in Dormers Wells ward properties to the west of and including Dormers Wells Lane
  • in Norwood Green homes north of the canal and west of and including Glade Lane, and homes north of the railway track up to the iron bridge
  • Wesley Estate, Park Royal NW10 - Wesley Ave, Harold Road, Newark Crescent, North Acton Road.
  • Perivale Ward - Alperton - Manor Farm Road (108-174 even numbers only), Alperton Lane (19-41 odd numbers only), Pleasant Way, Primrose Way, May Gardens and Lily Gardens.
  • North Greenford Ward - Sudbury Town - Bridgewater Road (299-307 numbers only), Whitton Ave East (2-278 even numbers), Sudbury Heights Avenue, Eastcote Avenue, Allendale Road, Twickenham Gardens, Northolt Gardens, Morden Gardens and Northwood Gardens (1-24 only).

Your wheelie bin must be left at the front boundary of your property by 7am (but not on the pavement) on your collection day. 

The refuse from your wheelie bin will be collected on the same day as your recycling. 

Find your collection day

If you live in the wheelie bin area you need to know the following:

  • Wheelie bins will be provided free of charge but they belong to the council and must be left at the property if you move to a new home.
  • All rubbish must be placed inside the wheelie bin and the lid kept shut.  Extra rubbish sacks put on top or next to the bin will not be collected.
  • The standard size wheelie bin (240 litre) will hold the equivalent of approximately 3-4 full black sacks.   With weekly home recycling collections available for most household items wheelie bins provide ample refuse storage for most homes. You can request an extra green box online.
  • Large families who would like an additional wheelie bin will be visited to ensure that they are using recycling services fully.  Details of how to do this will be provided with your wheelie bin. 
  • Smaller bins (180 litre) will be available on request.  These hold the equivalent of approximately two-three full black sacks.  Details of how to do this will be provided with your wheelie bin.
  • None of our wheelie bins have microchips and your refuse is not being weighed.
  • If you are physically unable to move your bin, we will provide an assisted collection.
  • If you wish to put your house number on your bin please use house number stickers (available from most DIY shops) rather than paint. 
  • Putting tied black sacks or tied plastic bags inside your bin will help to keep your bin clean. 
  • Keep the lid of your bin closed at all times to stop rodents and animals attacking your rubbish.

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