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The council has its own apprenticeship scheme, providing opportunities for young people aged 16 – 24 to develop skills, get valuable work experience within the council and gain qualifications. Find out more about Ealing Council apprenticeships or contact the team on apprenticeships@ealing.gov.uk.

The apprenticeship programme also helps local businesses set up apprenticeships. For further information contact Vanita Nicholls on (020) 8825 5573.


What is Accession?
Accession is a new organisation formed to build social enterprise and social firms in West London. Our aim is to support and develop social enterprises which will survive and flourish in the mainstream economy, based on viable, sustainable, commercial business models. These social enterprises will offer skills training, occupation, employment pathways and employment to those who are most marginalised in the job market.

Who is it for?
We work with anyone in west London who is economically inactive and for whom traditional employment training programmes and routes into work have not succeeded, or perhaps not even been considered. We believe that many people are excluded from realistic prospects of employment because these programmes are not suited to their needs. Prominent amongst this marginalised part of the population are people with severe learning disabilities, people with enduring mental health needs and people on the autistic spectrum.  

What do we do?
We support work-based projects involving economically marginalised people to become viable social enterprises. They can do this either as a partner enterprise within Accession or as a stand-alone enterprise in their own right. We offer support with:

  • Business modelling and planning
  • Attracting start up and capital investment
  • Developing quality products
  • Production capacity
  • Marketing and sales
  • Location and premises
  • Trading and other partnerships
  • Involving marginalised people in enterprises

We directly manage enterprises which wish to be a part of Accession as well as advising independent start-ups.
We believe strongly that quality products and services must be at the heart of everything that social enterprises do.

For more information, please see our website:

www.accessionpartnership.com or contact Zoe Sellers on 07889 317 467 or John Belli on 07538 156 864




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