Information for landlords

Checklists to speed up your tenants' claim

Delays in paying housing benefit can occur when a claim form has not been fully completed or information requested on the application form has not been provided, eg proof of rent or income.

In order to speed up the payment of housing benefit and council tax support we aim to gather all the information needed to assess a claim when your tenant first makes their claim.

The following checklists will help you and your tenants ensure that the correct information and evidence is provided at the time the claim is made. 

Evidence supplied for proof of income or capital will, if it contains national insurance details, count towards evidence of identity. 

The evidence asked for must be provided for both the tenant and their partner.  Choose the checklist which matches your tenants' circumstances.

Tenants in receipt of income support, job seekers allowance (income based), employment support allowance (income based) or guarantee pension credit checklist

Tenants who are working or in receipt of benefits other than job seekers allowance (income based), employment support allowance (income based), income support and guarantee pension credit checklist