Appeals - housing benefit

Appealing against the decision

If you asked for an appeal on the dispute form you must complete and sign the appeal tribunal request form sent to you.

About your appeal

We will look at the decision again and issue the reasons for our decision taking into consideration what you have told us. If the decision is changed in your favour we will tell you and your appeal will end. If we cannot change the decision in your favour, your appeal will be forwarded to the Tribunal Service.

You should identify the decision date against which you wish to appeal and explain in full why you think our decision is wrong. It is not acceptable to say ‘I do not agree with the decision’ or ‘the amount of benefit I have been awarded is not enough’. You need to say why you think the decision is wrong and give relevant facts. It will be helpful if you can provide evidence to support your request or appeal.

If you are appealing against more than one decision, you should identify the date of each decision and give the reasons why you do not agree with each one.

Any changes in your circumstances must be reported to us straight away so your case can be amended.

You will receive a notification of the amendment to your benefit, which will have separate appeal rights.

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