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Who's who at Brent Lodge Park animal centre

Mo the common marmoset

Age 11

Mo lives at Brent Lodge with two other male common marmosets.

They eat monkey pellets, fish, eggs, cheese, mealworm, crickets, locust, fruit, vegetables, and gum.
Mo is very good natured and less bossy than the other two.

All three marmosets came from the Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow after they were seized by customs authorities.

Wilbur, Twiglet and Marlon the Kune Kune pigs

Age 3

The Kune Kune pigs are settling in well in their new enclosure and are almost fully grown.

They are fed on grass and pig nuts and spend most of their time digging for roots.

The pigs are one of the most active animals we have and you can often see them digging in their paddock. 

Learn more about some of the animals living at the animal centre  

Young people from The Challenge Network, a national charity aimed at inspiring people to strengthen their community, came to the animal centre and met some of the animals. Listen to the podcasts to learn more about some of the animals the keepers introduced to them:

Dutch rabbit

Kune kune pig

Indian peafowl

Common marmoset

Embden goose

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