Animal centre

What's going on

In the last three years the animal centre has seen the development of 17 new enclosures. These have included

A new dormouse facility which is home to a pair of dormice involved in a nationwide conservation breeding  programme.

The addition of a new butterfly house which houses a variety of incredible tropical butterflies from around the world. The butterfly house is a social enterprise run in association with Ealing Mencap. The butterfly house is open from Easter to September, it costs 50p for children and £1 for adults and all the money raised goes towards developing new exhibits at the animal centre.

Some gorgeous guinea fowl which share their newly extended enclosure with our Patagonian mara.

Wow some Waterfowl are now in residence on the top pond, these include red breasted and barnacle geese alongside a number of duck species.

Slowly moving forward are our African Leopard tortoises in their new enclosure.

Egg-citing new chicken area which houses a number of breeds several of which were hatched in a local primary school in a project run in conjunction with Ealing Youth Justice Team. 

It’s got to go big for our giant rabbits, Bill and Marjorie who have recently moved into an enclosure built for us by Belvue school.

All the changes at the animal centre have only been made possible through the hard work of a number of community groups at the animal centre including; Ealing Mencap, The Brent Lodge Park art collective, The Challenge Network, Ealing Adult Services and the Youth Justice Team amongst many others.

If you haven’t been to the animal centre for a while, feel free to pop in to see the changes that have been going on, not only to the animal collection but also the gardens within the centre.

We are open every day of the year, except Christmas day.

If you have any questions please feel free to call 07956 362341.

Thank you

For your continued support during these times of change. The staff at Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre are working hard to give you the animal centre you want.  

For more information about the ongoing projects or the animal centre itself please email us at