Fair access to care services

Do I qualify for help from social services in Ealing?

You may qualify for support if you are over 18 years of age and you:

  • live in the borough of Ealing, or 
  • are homeless, or 
  • live outside the borough of Ealing but are a patient in an Ealing Hospital 
  • are a carer providing personal assistance without payment to someone who has eligible social care needs

You must also have one or more of the following:

  • a physical disability or mobility issues 
  • difficulties seeing or hearing 
  • learning or cognitive disabilities, or related difficulties 
  • mental health needs
  • problems with drug or alcohol misuse
  • safeguarding needs 

Lastly, you must also meet the fair access to care service (FACS) eligibilty criteria.

What is fair access to care services (FACS)?

These are the criteria agreed by the government and help us decide who we can provide support for. They are needed to make sure that council resources are used fairly and the same criteria are applied to all adults.

The eligibility criteria are a set of standards that determine how vulnerable a person is, what risk they face, now and in the future. There are four priority levels for help:

  • priority one – critical
  • priority two – substantial
  • priority three – moderate
  • priority four - low

Ealing social services will only be able to meet those needs that fall into the first two categories – critical and substantial.

Full details of these standards are given our leaflet - fair access to care services.