Apply for adult social care services

What services are available for adults? 

  • Assessment and care management services. 
  • Services to help people to live independently in their own homes, such as mobile meals, occupational therapy and assistance with mobility.  
  • Residential care services. 
  • Supported housing schemes/services  
  • Freedom passes (travel permits)  
  • Blue badges (parking badges for people with disabilities)  
  • Assessments and provision of equipment for the visually and hearing impaired

Social services works in partnership with housing services, a range of local voluntary organisations and health agencies.  These partnerships ensure that if we are unable to assist or provide a particular service it may be provided by another organisation in the private or public sector.  In addition, these connections mean that social services may be able to refer you towards a wider range of services that you might find helpful.

How to apply for a service

Please contact the social services customer contact centre on (020) 8825 8000 or visit your nearest social care reception point. Alternatively, you can make a self-referral online

When you contact social services you will be asked for more information about yourself, and your needs and circumstances.  A care manager may also need to contact other people who know you well (such as your doctor).  However, they would only contact such people with your permission.  This process is called an 'assessment'.

On the basis of this assessment, a care manager will decide with you what kinds of services would best meet your needs.

If you have a carer (such as a friend or relative who looks after you) they will be offered an assessment too, to find out more about their needs and how they might best receive support. 

How we handle your personal information
Adults’ services keeps information about the people it provides with services and advice. All personal data is processed in accordance with your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Who will be offered a service?

Unfortunately, there is a greater demand for services than social services' resources can provide, so we cannot guarantee to provide everything an individual or family asks for.  For fairness, priority is given to those assessed to be in the greatest need.

We apply fair access to care services criteria.  In Ealing we provide services to people who fall under critical and/or substantial need. 

There is a clear set of criteria (rules) for all services, explaining who can receive them. Some of these are simple to apply.  For example, when applying for a travel permit, everyone who meets the list of criteria will receive a permit.  However, some services are more complex than this and it may not be possible to provide a service to everyone who wants one. 

As your circumstances change, your needs will be reassessed and the services offered to you may be changed, as appropriate. 

Is there a charge for services?

Not all services are free; for some services it is necessary for the user to contribute towards the cost of the service if they can afford to.  Your care manager will tell you more about this.

How to find out more

If you would like to know more about other services contact the social services contact centre on (020) 8825 8000; email