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Fostering is caring for a child or young person in your own home when they are unable to stay with their own families. Some children will go home whilst others will be adopted or remain in foster care.

Short term fostering

As a short term foster carer a child or young person could be with you for a few days in an emergency or up to 18 months whilst their future is being planned.

It is usually better to start off as a short term carer so you have a good understanding of the needs of a looked after child and feel ready to make that commitment.

Long term fostering

As a long term foster carer you would permanently care for a child or young person over the age of 7 until they become independent when they are about 18.

Supported lodgings

As a foster carer offering supported lodgings you will help a young person over 16 to develop the skills they will need to become independent.

Supporting a young mother and baby

As a foster carer supporting a young mother and her baby you will help her to develop her own parenting skills, while ensuring that the baby is in a safe, nurturing environment.


The rewards in fostering can be great but you will also be challenged.  We will there to support you through the highs and the lows. We have a dedicated fostering support team and an out of hours service, which you can rely on 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


We want out foster carers to be prepared for the challenges and provide the best possible service to our looked after children. Our training opportunities are second to none and can lead on to an NVQ Level 3 in Child Care.


To ensure you have the resources to foster we pay generous and competitive allowances, which offer career progression opportunities. Our current rates (from April 2011) are between £257 to £446 per child per week, depending on age of child  and experience of the carer.  The rate for mother and baby carers is £787 per week per mother and baby.

For more information on short or long-term fostering contact us.