Occupational therapy

How to apply

If you already receive a service from social services, contact your care manager. If not you should telephone the customer contact centre on (020) 8825 8000; or visit one of the social services reception points.

You will be asked for more information about yourself, and the difficulties you are having. This information is then referred to a specialist team.  Someone from the team will make contact with you by telephone and complete an assisted self-assessment. Following this assessment certain equipment and minor adaptations can be ordered.

If you need a further specialist OT assessment, your referral will be prioritised and if there is a delay, a letter will be sent to you.

A member of staff will then visit you at home to see what your needs are. They will also take into account the needs of your carer, if you have one. After the assessment, they will decide with you the services that best meet your needs, in line with the current criteria. After this, a care plan will be sent to you detailing the recommendations.

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