Stay safe

Summer safety

Warm weather and summer holidays are common times when windows, doors and garden gates are left open. It is also when furniture, toys, sports equipment and gardening tools are left on display in gardens. 

You can follow a few simple tips to help prevent your home being the target of opportunist burglars.

These tips include:


  • If you are out in the back garden, make sure your front door is secure
  • Put garden tools away in a secure shed after using them
  • Keep ladders chained up in the garage when not being used
  • Don’t forget to check doors and windows - you might have closed them, but are they locked?
  • Check side gates and garages are locked when not being used
  • Consider fitting outside security lighting or a visible alarm to deter burglars
  • Keep your valuables out of site
  • When leaving a room unattended, close the windows and doors, especially on the ground floor. A burglar could easily reach in and help themselves to anything within reach.