Documentary evidence

Below guidance is for on-time applications.

Proof of date of birth

In all instances you are required to provide documentary evidence of proof of date of birth at the time of application. e.g. medical card.

Proof of address

You will be required to provide the following documentary evidence of your home address when submitting your application form.

  • your current year’s council tax bill
  • if you do not pay council tax then one of the following may be accepted:
    • council rent book for the current year
    • letter confirming entitlement to income support for the current year
    • tenancy agreement from a registered private letting agency
    • letter from Social Services, UK Border Agency, Housing Department confirming placement at your address
    • If moving home a solicitor’s letter confirming the date that contracts were exchanged and the proposed date of completion

If none of the above are available then a letter explaining the circumstances and two items of documentary evidence showing that you are living at that address. Without this documentation we will be unable to process your application.


Please note that provision of an incorrect home address or other false information is likely to lead to the withdrawal of an offer of a school place based on that information. If there is any doubt as to the validity of the address given, internal council checks will be made and if the findings are inconclusive, the matter will be put in the hands of an investigator. Where community schools are regularly over-subscribed, internal checks may be made of all of the addresses prior to the offer of a place.

Submitting proof

How to submit proof of your child’s, home address and professional evidence in support of your application.

  • Applying online
    It is possible to provide us with proof of your address, child's date of birth and other supporting documentation by scanning the documents and attaching them to your online application. If you do not have access to a scanner you will need to send paper copies to school admissions with details of your application reference number, child’s name and date of birth at the top of all the documents you send.
  • Applying using a paper common application form
    Please attach to your completed paper common application form proof of date of birth and home address. If you are submitting professional evidence (eg a letter or report from your child’s consultant or social worker) to support your application, please attach this to the application form and ensure that all documentation includes your child’s name, date of birth and home address.