Main round primary school admissions

Applying for a primary school place

Main round primary school admissions:

Children born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011 are due to start the first year of primary school (reception class) in September 2015.

Applications must be made directly to the local authority that you are living in at the time of application, regardless of the borough which the school is in. The deadline for applying on-time for primary school was 15 January 2015.

The online system is now closed you will need to complete the primary school common application form below. We advise that you name your priority area school as one of your preferences. Please also download the primary school prospectus for details on schools in Ealing:

Primary school common application form
Primary prospectus ‘Starting school in Ealing 2015’
Find my priority area school

If any of the below apply you must contact the admissions team as your application may be considered on-time:

  • You have recently moved
  • You have proof that your application was submitted before the 15 January but has not been received by schools admissions
  • You have exceptional circumstances for lateness (e.g. where a single parent/carer has been ill and the illness prevented the application being made on time or the family has been dealing with the death of a close relative).

Supplementary information forms

If you are applying for one of the following faith schools in Ealing you will need to complete their supplementary information form in addition to your primary school application. This must be returned directly to the school.

  •  Christ The Saviour CE Primary School
  •  Khalsa Primary School
  •  Holy Family Catholic Primary School
  •  Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School
  •  Our Lady Of the Visitation Primary School
  •  St Anselm’s Catholic Primary School
  •  St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School
  •  St John Fisher Catholic Primary School
  •  St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
  •  St Mary’s CE Primary School (Foundation place)
  •  St Raphael’s Catholic Primary School
  •  St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School
  •  The Edward Betham CE Primary School  

Primary school admissions arrangements

Oversubscription criteria and admissions policies for all primary, infant and junior schools in Ealing. 

Documentary evidence

What to provide with your application and guidance on acceptable proof of address.

Deferred and delayed entry outside of the normal age group to primary school

The updated policy on deferred and delayed entry outside of the normal age group to primary school, which is applicable for this year’s admissions 2015/16 and beyond.

Change of address

Information on what to do if you move address after completing your application. 

False or misleading addresses

Ealing Council takes very seriously any attempt to obtain a school place by deception. If we find that a school place was obtained using a false or misleading address we will give serious consideration to withdrawing the offer, even after the child has started school.