Applying for a primary school place

The admissions deadline for primary and junior school for September 2014 has now passed. If you still wish to apply for a place please contact School Admissions using the contact details on the right hand side of this page.

Outcome of your application

This only applies to on-time applications:

  • login to the eAdmissions website with your login details from the evening of 16 April 2014 to find out the result of your application.
  • we will also send you a letter on 16 April and you will not receive this until 18 April 2014
  • when accepting a place, you need to send us a proof of date of birth together with the reply slip
  • if you decide to appeal against the outcome, please contact the committee service (not admissions service) for an appeal form. You should return the completed form by the date stated on it
  • if we cannot offer you a place at a preferred school, you will be automatically placed on the waiting list for those schools