Late applications


Applications from parents who have recently moved and have completed and returned an application by 15 February 2013 will be considered as on time. Other applications for community schools received after 15 January 2013 will be considered as late applications and will be dealt with after the offer date, unless the local authority or school has made an error in accepting the application or if there are exceptional circumstances for lateness (e.g. where a single parent/carer had been ill and the illness prevented the application being made on time or the family had been dealing with the death of a close relative i.e. one of the child’s parents or child’s sibling/s).

Where parents have moved after submitting their common application form on time, a parent may wish to let their original preferences stand or submit new preferences. In either case the application will be treated as on time.

The last date for applications to be considered is 13 February 2013 and no late applications can be dealt with after that date until after the offer date of 17 April 2013.