Bike health checks

The council's Bicycle Support Team (BST) regularly run Doctor Bike health check sessions as a way of helping local cyclists to keep in the saddle.

The sessions help cyclists find out what may be wrong with their bikes.  Advice is offered for a range of problems such as finding the correct sitting position on the bike, showing the best way to pump up tyres, through to diagnosing serious mechanical problems. 

Cyclists who discover more complex mechanical problems will be directed to local bike shops.

Doctor Bike sessions are also a good way for new and experience cyclists to expand their cycling horizons. They will be offered:

  • on-road cycle training to build up their confidence (free apart from a £5 booking fee)
  • general advice on cycling in Ealing from cycle trainers with local knowledge
  • maintenance skills training at one of the maintenance classes run by the BST

Dr Bike health check sessions

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