Trading standards

Description of goods

The trading standards team check goods and services are correctly described eg advertisements for holidays, houses and cars. The team look out for counterfeit clothing and cassettes and selling second-hand items as new. Complaints where businesses falsely claim to be members of trade associations are also investigated.

Consumer rights when buying goods
We all have rights when buying goods as a consumer, from a trader. Whilst there are several laws which protect those rights, the main ones are:

Whenever you buy goods, or agree to have a service you are making a contract with a trader.

The trader must (according to The Sale of Goods Act 1979 ) provide you with goods which are:

  • of satisfactory quality - this means reasonably durable, safe, fit for their intended purpose, free from minor defects and of reasonable appearance and finish
  • fit for the purpose - as well as being fit for the purpose for which they are generally sold, goods should also be fit for any specific or particular purpose made known at the time of the agreement
  • as described to you - goods should correspond with any description applied to them. This could be verbally, words or pictures on a sign, packaging or an advert.

For more information view the Buying Goods advice leaflet on the Trading Standards Institute website.

For general Trading Standards information visit the Trading Standards Institute website.